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My Return
Well, It has been a long time since I have been on LiveJournal, and a lot has happened. For the past 6 months, I have been working as an Administrative Assistant at a local Home Health clinic. I have not been making much money, but I have been getting by on the little I make. I tried looking for another job near where I live, but they're not many jobs available. I have tried looking for a job in another state, and that seems to be impossible. Most employers  prefer to hire people who live nearby. With me living in Georgia, it would be extremely difficult to get a job in New York or California even if I was qualified for the position. So I'm stuck here in Georgia.

I returned to the States last year, but I have made a tough decision after some serious thinking. It took me a while to make this difficult decision, and I weighed the pros and cons of both sides. I have decided to return to Japan. I know, it seems rather odd that I would make that decision base on my constant complaints that I wrote in my previous entries. I actually took time to read my entries, and I have to admit that I was a whining brat who complained about insignificant things. I complained about things that shouldn't even matter! I have realized that I should not take things for granted, and I should accept things as they are. I know there are xenophobes in Japan, and I'm alright with that. I am aware that no matter how long I live in Japan and no matter how well I speak Japanese, I will always be a 'gaijin'. Yes, Japan is racist and xenophobic, but my life in Japan was much better than my life in the States. I experienced major culture shock, but I am strong enough to move past that.

I made non biased comparisons between living in America and living in Japan. I looked at pros and cons of teaching in America and teaching in Japan, and I can say living in Japan was much better for me. This is just my perspective. I don't feel safe when I think of living and teaching in America. Ever since the elementary school shooting last December in Connecticut killing elementary school children, I've been hesitant about continuing my stay in America! I've heard people shooting and killing at malls and movie theaters and I hardly go to these places so I was not too worried. However, I realized elementary schools aren't safe either. I don't want to go to work feeling unsecured instead of focusing on my instructions and my students. Now, people are trying to allow teachers to carry guns into the classroom as if that would make things better! I know there are many disadvantages when it come to teaching and living in Japan, but my safety hasn't been in question during my time as an English Teacher in Japan. In addition, I can walk home safely at night in Japan. In order to walk home at night in America, I would have to have some type of weapon on me while constantly looking over my shoulder just in case someone is following me. Sometimes, I don't want to go to the gym and would rather jog around the neighborhood before dawn. Unfortunately, I don't feel safe jogging around the neighborhood for I would have to take my knife with me. If I have to take a weapon with me just to go exercising, then that is a big problem.

Anyway, I have already made plans to return to Japan in August. I'm currently taking a TEFL Certification course online. I should complete the course in mid-June. To add to the great things that are going on in my life, I also have been losing a lot of weight, but I have 15 more pounds to lose! I'm thinking of taking up yoga soon. I would like to relieve stress and become more flexible in my movements. I have been more health conscious and I drink more water and consume more fruits. Even though I'm not big on vegetables, I struggle to include them in my diet. Its a work in progress, I guess. 


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