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I'm starting to feel homesick...
I miss the things I was able to do at home. I miss driving my car anywhere and anytime I want. I miss being able to communicate concerns to whoever is in charge of things if I have a problem or concern about various things like my internet or issues with my cell phone. Where i am now requires me to ask my supervisor to help me 'translate' my questions and concerns for me. It's really frustrating. It's like she is doing all of the talking for me. I'm the type of person who rather have things solved on my own. I don't really like depending on people and asking for help. If I want to go somewhere far from my home I can't ride my bike because the distance is too far. Now don't get me wrong, I like riding my bike since I have been losing weight. But I miss driving especially when I need to go somewhere far...idk, it may seem like I'm complaining and being a brat, but I may need to go home for the Holidays. Maybe I need a break and need to get away for a while...I hope I feel better when I get back. I still am thinking about relocating to Tokyo. If I go home and decide to stay in the U.S., I'll do just that. I will come back to Japan when I have completely mastered the Japanese language, however. I hope I feel better soon...


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